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Staff Spotlight: Elaine Brock

Elaine Brock is Hortman Carney Dental’s Financial Coordinator, so you can imagine how important she is to our team! Read more about her and get to know a member of our staff a little better.  Where are […]

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Fluoride: What and Why

What Is fluoride Fluoride comes from a mineral called fluorite that occurs naturally in water sources such as rivers, lakes, and oceans. It’s also present in certain foods and beverages, but the levels vary widely […]

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Staff Spotlight: Rita Bohannon

You might recognize Rita Bohannon’s friendly face as one of the women who welcome you to our practice. She plays a huge role in keeping our office running smoothly and we’re excited to introduce you […]

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How to Know if You Have a Cavity

What Causes Cavities Cavities are one of many forms of tooth decay. It begins with the bacteria in your mouth. Though they occur naturally, the bacteria thrive when you consume sugary foods and drinks. When […]

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Staff Spotlight: Hygienist Tara Allen

Tara Allen has worked as a registered dental hygienist since ’94 and has been at Hortman Carney Dental for 20 years. She’s a fixture in this office and we’re excited to spotlight her today! Where are […]

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